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Thu Mar 26 07:44:55 PST 1998

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At 3/26/98 09:15 AM, Gene_Milligan at notes.seagate.com wrote:
>Good, but belated catch. But two minor issues:
>     The other ranges include a maximum for VIH of 5.25 volts. For Fast 20
>is there no maximum or is it specified in a different place than the other
>     I have no objection to the change but question the process. I think
>there should either be a confirming vote, since this is a technical change
>(albeit due to a typo and it is broken without the change), at the next
>plenary or by LB, or by a default ballot via Email.

Gene is absolutely correct that doing this correction now is outside the
normal process.  Since the SPI-2 error is a clerical error in incorporating
the Fast-20 data, I would rather fix SPI-2 before it goes to public review.

Therefore, by this email I am asking T10 members to consider this change.
If anyone objects to making the Rev 20a change, please reply to me ASAP.  I
will hold up on forwarding SPI-2 Rev 20a to NCITS until April 1st.  If I do
not receive any valid objections by 4/1, I will forward SPI-2  Rev 20a to
NCITS for public review.

As they say, "speak now or forever hold your peace".

John Lohmeyer, Chair T10 Technical Committee

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