SPI-2 rev20a

George Penokie gop at us.ibm.com
Wed Mar 25 15:17:23 PST 1998

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Yes that's right SPI-2 rev 20a. An error in SPI-2 was pointed out to me
yesterday as indicated in the note below. This was an error that occured when I
copied the Fast-20 specification into SPI-2. The correct notation for VIH in
table 25 of SPI-2 rev 20 is as listed below. SPI rev 20a corrects this problem:

The Fast-20 values for VIL and VIH in table 25 of SPI-2 r20 should be:

VIL = 1.0v Maximum
VIH = 1.9V Minimum

Bye for now,
George Penokie

alanl at lsil.com on 03/25/98 12:25:20 PM
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To: George Penokie/Rochester/IBM at ibmus
Subject: SPI-2 spec.

Hi George,

In rev 17 or rev 18 of the spec, wording was added to table 25.
The words maximum have been added in the FAST 20 row.

It now says:   VIL = 1.0V MAXIMUM
               VIH = 1.9V MAXIMUM.

I believe that it should say:
               VIL = 1.0V MINIMUM
               VIH = 1.9V MAXIMUM

I haven't looked at rev 20 yet, but if this has not changed I hope we
can change it asap.

Thanks and regards,


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