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<<Page v, Foreward, paragraph 4. We now only have informative annexes D
through F, not D through H.>>

I was chagrined to discover this myself only hours after I had posted Revision
3d to the FTP site. It's fixed in the next draft which, unless something major
is discovered, won't be published until after the Colorado Springs meeting.
Unless otherwise noted, the other errors you found are corrected in the next
draft, too.

<<In the bulleted list in 4.3 Requests and responses. When you removed the
last item, the "or" wound up at the end of the last item instead of the next
to last item.>>

<<In figure 11 in 5.1 Operation request blocks. The boxes for the stream ORB's
need to be removed and the word "normal" needs to be removed in "Normal
command block ORB's".>>

<<In 6 Control and status registers, first paragraph. The last sentence says
"four principal categories" and it's followed by three bulleted items.>>

<<In 6.2 Serial Bus-dependent registers. You deleted the content of the second
table. I hope you realize that if you accept the change as is, an empty table
will remain courtesy of Word.>>

Awfully nice of the program, isn't it?

<<In A.3 Target security. The first sentence of the second and third bullet
say "asynchronous request". I believe the "asynchronous" should be deleted.>>

No, this is OK---isochronous subactions have neither a source_ID field nor a
destination_ID field.


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