Draft Minutes of SCSI WG Meeting -- March 17-18, 1998

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<<4.3 Removal of overlapped commands (duplicate queue tags) checking in
    (98-123r0) [Williams]
... the proposal did not include in recommendations for ...

Jeff agreed to consider changing the note.>>

     "in" S/B "any"

     In terms of the minutes and SPI-2 being forwarded what is the
implication of Jeff's consideration?

<<4.5 SPI-2 Proposed letter ballot response review (98-108r1) [Penokie]
George Penokie reviewed the SPI-2 letter ballot responses, many but not all
which concerned typos.
In response to Seagate comment 32,>>

     I think many were editorial not specifically typos. As you know I take
great care to characterize the comments as "Milligan" not "Seagate".

<<7.15  New Log Page Requirements (98-128r0) [Snively]
Bob Snively proposed addition of log pages for device power-on and
information.  The objective of both log pages was providing information
the host operating system can use to minimize power consumption.  The group
discussed the proposed mechanisms and how best to meet the stated goals.
agreed to revise the proposal based on working group comments and bring it
the May meeting for further consideration.>>

     The group discussed more than that. A key issue was whether or not
some of this information should be exposed to the end user through
inclusion in the standard as opposed to vendor unique, customer specials.
Several of us thought it should not.

<<8.1 Packetized Protocol review (97-230r6) [Penokie/Williams]
George Penokie reviewed the changes made as a result of the SPI-3 working
group discussion.  George noted that editorial SPI-3 working group comments
will be folded in r6 before it is officially distributed.>>

     Folding it in r6 may cause a problem in copy machines. I suggest
"folded into r6".


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