Multiple Logins to a LUN by the same Initiator

Mon Mar 23 15:51:04 PST 1998

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     In our 1394 PWG teleconference today a Login question was discussed.
     We believe that SBP-2 states that a particular Initiator is only 
     allowed to Login in to a specific Target Logical Unit (LUN) once.
     Item b) under 8.2.1 of rev 3 says that If the Initiator is currently 
     logged-in to the same logical unit, the Login shall be rejected.
     Why was this restriction imposed?
     We were thinking that it might be nice to allow multiple applications 
     on one Initiator to Login to a Printer LUN.
     For example a management application might want to be logged in to the 
     Printer status LUN to monitor overall state and a print application 
     may want to Login to the Printer Status LUN to get status before it 
     starts a print job.
     What do you think?

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