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Actions taken at the T10 plenary March 19 in San Diego, CA, are reflected in a
number of documents posted to the FTP site.

* 98-109r2 was accepted as resolution of editorial comments against SBP-2
Revision 3.

* 98-117r1 was accepted as resolution of all but one technical comment against
SBP-2 Revision 3.

* 98-120r0 was not accepted; instead the plenary voted to remove the
isochronous parts of the SBP-2 draft standard.

These actions have resulted in a number of intermediate drafts of SBP-2; all
are now available for download from the FTP site.

* SBP-2 Revision 3b contains all of the changes documented by 98-109r2 and
98-117r1 (marked with change bars).

* SBP-2 Revision 3c is identical to its predecessor but lacks change bars.
This document is a snapshot of the isochronous material just prior to its

* SBP-2 Revision 3d has had all isochronous references expunged. Where a
section or clause stood alone, it has been deleted without change bars. Where
isochronous text was intermingled with what remains, change bars were used.

This most recent draft is the candidate to be forwarded to NCITS for public
review. I am aware of two outstanding changes agreed in principal by the SBP-2
ad hoc working group. These are a) clarification of the one-to-one
relationship between initiators and logical unit task sets when the basic task
management model is implemented and b) a proposal to make the reconnect time-
out (presently one second) an implementation-dependent feature. These will be
addressed in separate documents before the May meetings in Colorado Springs.

For the rest of the document, I would very much appreciate whatever proof-
reading your time permits. Comments, editorial or otherwise, may be addressed
either to me or the reflector as you see fit.


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