Which version of ATAPI should I implement?

José Ángel jajimenez at mx3.redestb.es
Sun Mar 15 05:09:25 PST 1998

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	I'm a spaniard student of Telecommunicatio Engineering and I have to =
implement an interface for exchanging data with an ATAPI CD ROM unit. =
I've started studying the latest SFF-8020i docs (version 2.6) but I'm =
afraid current CDROM drives in the market do not meet this version, as =
the latest standard is 1.2, am I right??

	What would you do in my situation? In fact, I only have to retrieve =
several files from the CD, I do not need to implement the whole whistle =
and bells. Would you try to implement 2.6 in its basic estructure?
		Thanks in advance for your suggestions

		Jose Angel Jimenez Vadillo
		IEEE Undergraduate Student Member
		ETSI Telecomunicaci=F3n - UP Madrid (Spain)

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