Temperature Sensors in Disk Drives

Dan Davis dand at gateway.eccs.com
Wed Mar 11 08:49:38 PST 1998

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We're specifying a new disk array, and we want to make sure 
we've got the bases covered as far as temperature monitoring.

We know we'll be putting our own temperature monitors in place
near power supplies or the fan exhaust.  However, one of the best 
places to put a temperature sensor seems to be ... in the disk drives:

1.  Is there any standardized way to obtain
    temperature information from disk drives?

    If so, is this part of some other aspect of the spec.
    (i.e. SMART)

2.  Do any drive vendors provide a vendor specific way
    to ask a drive it's temperature, or if it is over some
    temperature constraint?

3.  Are these temperatures linear, or
    just an overtemperature indication?

4.  Is any calibration required for these temperature results?

5.  Do any drive vendors have plans to add temperature

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