Mulit-Initiator Task Set (Queue) Full vs Busy responses.

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Mon Jun 29 17:30:22 PDT 1998

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It appears that I owe you all, but most especially George Ericson, an

I have accidentally spread what George hoped would be a private
conversation all over the T10 Reflector.  Of course, I have an excuse ...
a lame excuse.

On 15 June, the good folks at ACM forced me to switch to a new e-mail
service provider.  It's hard to blame them, their e-mail system was a DEC
Alpha running VMS (a great operating system, and Ed Gardner will tell you
I'm not the least bit prejudiced on the matter :-}).  Since 15 June, I've
been fighting with all new e-mail tools.  The tool sending this message
is my third e-mail tool.  (This change has been less than pleasant.)

By now, it should be easy to guess that I totally missed the fact that
George's original message and several subsequent messages from Gerry
Houlder did not include the T10 Reflector.

So, if the rest of you all don't mind, let's allow George and whomever he
decides to continue conversing with decide what they want to propose. 
Then, that proposal can be distributed and discussed on the T10

George, I am very sorry.


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