SCSI controller chip & Cache manager chip requested!!

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Fri Jun 26 17:29:19 PDT 1998

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Dear Sir/Mam:
	I am going to develop some kind of RAID product based on the SCSI bus,
and badly need the ultra SCSI (or ultra SCSI-2) controller chip
and multi-ports cache(buffer) manager which transfers data between SCSI
controller and cache(buffer). The requirements for both chips(or
1. SCSI controller:       *ultra SCSI or ultra SCSI-2
		          *can function as both initiator or target
2. cache(buffer) manager: *has more than 3 ports which could
access 			           cache(buffer) concurrently
			  *the total data transfer rate shold be at more
			   40(or 60)MB/s
	Any one knows the chip(chipset) manufacture or has good suggestions,
please contact with me as soon as possible. Thanks.

Best Regards and Good day!

Chunyi Wu     
Senior Engineer,Project Magr
Hangzhou Computer Peripheral Equipment Research Institute
Email      :  cperi at
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