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re: Bob Snively's response.

> I believe that FC-FLA compatibility is vital to the success of the
> FC-TAPE profile.

It isn't often that I completely agree with Bob, but everything he says in 
his explanation of the above intro makes sense. 

There are private tape solutions available today using SCSI devices behind a 
FC front end. Why buy a private-loop-only FC tape? 

One thing that came through very clearly in sales was that when a product 
customers had been screaming for the year before became available, they 
immediately trotted out a new set of criteria. Requirements change all too 
rapidly in this business. There should be some uncomfortable feelings out 
there that all these customers for private loop tape drives might sing a 
different song when delivery rolls around next year.

Two separate profiles and two likely-to-be-separate development programs in 
every vendor are cause for concern. 

If the same implementation to the same profile had different delivery dates 
for private vs public that would be a practical solution to having a 
different level of testing to worry about. 

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