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Draft Agenda SCSI Harbor Meeting
July 16, 1998 - Portland, ME

The SCSI Harbor meeting will follow 30 minutes after the T10 plenary on
Thursday July 16 - starting no sooner than 2PM.  (If the plenary runs =
until 3:30, then the Harbor meeting would start at 4:00.  If the plenary
runs until noon, SCSI Harbor will start at 2PM.

1.	Opening Remarks and Introductions
2.	Approval of Agenda
3.	Attendance and Membership
4.	Approval of Minutes - May 7, 1998 Meeting in Colorado Springs,
CO (98s005r0)
5.	Document Distribution
6.	Review of Old Action Items
	6.1	Publish further revised taxonomy proposal [Ham] 
	6.2	Symbios wrapper contribution [Hahn, Lohmeyer]
	6.3	Wrapper with bumpers [Anderson]
6.4	Disk drive with bumpers [McGarrah]
6.5	Document Review [Benjie Sun] (98s004R1)
6.6	Sections
6.6.1	Related Documents [Dal Allen]
6.6.2	Mechanical Insertion, removal sequence [Benjie Sun]
6.6.3	EMI, Shock, Vibaration, thermal Management, Handling [Tom
6.6.4	ESD management, Hot Plug [Bill Ham]
7.	Old Business
7.1	Testing Strategy [Ham]
7.2	Super Multimode Connector [Bill Ham]
7.3	Symbios Patent Statement [Bailey] (98s006r0)
8.	New Business
9.	Review of Action Items
10.	Meeting Schedule
11.	Adjournment

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