FC Mode Page 0x19 and RR_TOV

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Wed Jun 3 11:27:12 PDT 1998

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Dave is asking what happened to the proposal to put RR_TOV in mode page
0x19. The idea was originally proposed by Gary Stephens for use in another
mode page, but it was suggested it was more appropriate for mode page 0x19.
Gary dropped the idea (he doesn't have any vested interest in it) and some
other opinions felt that the timeouts specified in PLDA were sufficient.
There was also a fear that making this value programmable would result in
devices using different values for RR_TOV and this might cause problems

The bottom line is that no one picked up the idea and proposed it for Mode
Page 0x19. If several members of T11 still think this is needed, Seagate
(either Jim Coomes or I) will create a proposal to add this parameter to
mode page 0x19. If a parameter is needed, we need input on minimum, maximum
values and step sizes for intermediate values. We would prefer a small
number of values to support, or else there will have to be rounding rules
so devices can round the requested value to its closest supported value.

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