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Will Guan WILLG at jefferson.cc.jl.cn
Wed Jun 10 23:30:40 PDT 1998

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Dear sir:

  I have an Adaptec AHA-2940 SCSI card and segate CSCI HDD but they
can not work in PCI slot 3. following the message:

Adaptec AHA-2940 BIOS v1.16
(c) 1995 Adaptec,Inc. All Rights Reserved.
<<<press <Ctrl><A>for SCSISelect(TM) Utility!>>>
SCSI ID#2 -seagate ST34371w -Drive C: (80)
BIOS Installed Successfully!

and show us the following PCI devices:

PCI devices:
PCI onboard USB Controller, IRQ 11
PCI onboard IDE, IRQ 14,15
PCI slot 1VGA, IRQ 9
PCI slot 4 SCSI,IRQ 10

and following the boot message:

searching for boot record from SCSI -- not found

so it halt.
but when I put the SCSI card into PCI slot 2 it works normally.
could you tell me how to solve the problem?

Thanks very much!

Best regards

Will Guan
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