SPI-3 (the forgotten issues)

George Penokie gop at us.ibm.com
Tue Jul 28 13:43:17 PDT 1998

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In going through the minutes of the last three SPI-3 working groups I appears
that a few issues seems to have disappeared without getting a resolution. They

Reducing the stub length from 10 cm to 5 cm or 6 cm except for devices that
contain non-disabled terminators.  (from the 6/19/98 meeting)

Restricting, in some way, system configurations that use multi-mode
terminators. (from 6/19/98 meeting)

The question of whether pad bytes should be reserved (i.e. zero) or ignored
(i.e. vendor specific). (from 6/19/89 meeting)

I do not want the above issues to stay lost but there needs to be a resolution
to them before they can be put into SPI-3.

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