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At 7/25/98 12:20 PM, Tripace  R&D (Chennai Office) wrote:
>Dear Mr. Lohmeyer,
>Is it possible for you tell us where we can find the details of the glitch
>filter to be used for FAST-20 SCSI devices.
>If you can send me the details it will be very helpfull.

Niraj Gupta,

The specifics of the glitch filter for SCSI devices (Fast-20 and other
speeds) was intentionally left out of the standard because there are
multiple methods (both analog and digital) to accomplish the glitch filter
function and because at least one of these methods is patented.  Had T10
picked a method covered by a patent, then ANSI might be forced to withdraw
the standard if the patent holder did not comply with the ANSI patent policy.

So, unfortunately, I cannot send you details.  

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