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Mon Jul 27 08:05:28 PDT 1998

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OK, so it sounds like we still need to allow "non-hierarchical addressing",
so the "shall support .." statement in SAM-2 will switch back to "may
support ..".

This still leaves some aspects of my original question about the HiSupport
bit. What if a device supports the hierarchical addressing model but
doesn't support the REPORT LUNS command? This case seems to be prohibited
by the standard. What if a device doesn't support hierarchical addressing
(your 256 LUN example) but does support the REPORT LUNS command? I think
this is allowed (the REPORT LUNS description requires the command to be
supported if HiSupport is one but is silent about when HiSupport is zero --
we usually interpret this as being allowed). This is OK as long as
HiSupport is tied to hierarchical addressing support and not REPORT LUNS
support. I guess there aren't any problems with these cases, unless someone
else sees one.

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