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Ralph O. Weber roweber at acm.org
Fri Jul 24 19:18:06 PDT 1998

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Oh boy did you scare the **** out of me.  I thought the
HiSupport bit was a problem and drafted a reflector message
on the subject.  Then, I deleted it for reasons I'll 
describe in a moment.  You had me thinking I'd lost
control of my e-mail tools again.  (It's not April
Fools day, right!)

If you look carefully at clause 4.8 in SAM-2 r8, you will
see that there's an edge condition where HiSupport will
have to be zero.  I believe it's a really gross edge
condition, but you can be the judge.  If a device has
a flat LUN space and more than 256 LUNs there is no
standard-defined way to represent all those LUNs in
the Peripheral Device addressing method, or any other
valid hierarchical LUN scheme.

I judged that it would be okay to allow a non-hierarchical
address in these cases, ran the text by George and Bob and
got them to agree (at least until the September meeting).
So, for the next couple of months HiSupport is still needed
to do it's old job.  But, if further changes are made in
September, then maybe we should remember to decide about
HiSupport's fate too.



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