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Fri Jul 24 07:58:34 PDT 1998

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At the last SCSI working group meeting, we had a discussion about the
hierarchical address model in SAM-2. The discussion resulted in changing a
"may" to "shall" for supporting this model, even for single level LUN
products. With this in mind, I ran across this wording of the HiSupport bit
in Inquiry command:

"A hierarchical support (HiSupport) bit of zero indicates the target does
not use the hierarchical addressing model to assign LUNs to logical units.
A HiSupport bit of one indicates the target uses the hierarchical
addressing model to assign LUNs to logical units. When the HiSupport bit is
one, the device server shall support the REPORT LUNS command (see 7.19)."

Since every device "shall" support the hierarchical addressing, the wording
for this bit shouldn't allow for a target to "not use" the hierarchical
addressing model. The wording should change so that this bit only indicates
whether the REPORT LUNS command is supported or not. We should also
consider renaming the bit, since it no longer implies Hierarchical
addressing Support. How about RLS (Report LUNs Support)?

Please use reflector to give opinions on whether to change this wording or

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