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Tue Jul 21 09:41:56 PDT 1998

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>Is there something we can do about the net-vest SPAM we are getting 
>lately.  I received three copies of their ad yesterday and another today. 
> They claim they are "in compliance" :


I tried to use the 'REMOVE' reply message yesterday.  My message bounced
back undelivered because the domain was not found.  This
sounds like skirting around "compliance" to me.

Their phone number is just a recording that does give you an opportunity to
leave a message.  I recommend that everyone on the T10 Reflector call their
phone number (1-888-619-8468) and leave a message demanding that they
remove t10 at and t10-ssa at from their list.  Perhaps
they will pay attention when we spam them back.  The phone calls are free
to US callers, but not to them.


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