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Harlan Andrews hea at
Tue Jul 21 09:22:02 PDT 1998

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* Harlan Andrews <hea at>
Is there something we can do about the net-vest SPAM we are getting 
lately.  I received three copies of their ad yesterday and another today. 
 They claim they are "in compliance" :

>* From the T10 (formerly SCSI) Reflector (t10 at, posted by:
>* net-vest at
>This message is sent in compliance of the new e-mail bill: SECTION 301, 
>(a)(2)(C) of s. 1618
>Sender : Net-Vest, P.O. Box 70037, Los Angeles, CA 90070-0037
>Phone  : 1-888-619-8468
>E-mail : net-vest at
>To be removed from our mailing list, simply reply with "REMOVE" in the 

However, when I attempted to "REMOVE" myself, the message bounced 
"undeliverable" and is still bouncing.

I find it VERY annoying.  The 


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