FC-TAPE Draft Agenda

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                                Draft Agenda
                        Joint FC-TAPE AdHoc Meeting
                        July 14, 1998 - Portland, ME

1. Introductions:						Group

2. Approval of this Agenda:		T11/98-348v0		Group

3. Approval of 6/10 Minutes:		T11/98-296v0		Stewart Wyatt

4. Old Action Items:						Stewart Wyatt

5. CRN, Completion:						Neil Wanamaker

6. FCP-Conf, Completion:					Neil Wanamaker

7. FLOGIN Requirement, Completion:				Group

8. FC-TAPE Draft Review:		T11/98-124v7		Dave Peterson

9. T10 New Business:
 A. SSC Changes							Dave Peterson
 B. Tape Alert							Dave Peterson

10. T11 New Business:						Group

11. Review New Action Items:					Stewart Wyatt

12. Adjournment:						Group


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