Clearing Effects for Device Reservations

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Dave, the PDF attached to this email looked fine.  However, I also
received an email July 1 with a PDF that had the wrong 2 pages.  I was
wondering if you had made any changes or was merely resending.

A comment on the table itself.
The row for 'Pre-existing ACA, UA, and Deferred error conditions
cleared' is correct, however I believe some additional words (perhaps in
a note) would help clarify things.  The exact same actions which "clear"
the ACA, UA, and deferred error also cause the normal, "start of day"
type unit attentions to be established.  The chief example is Power Up
unit attention (29/00).  I assume this was not part of the table in PLDA
because the table is "clearing effects".  However, we have seen
integration problems relating to this and I think a note associated with
this column would be helpful.


Charles Binford
Symbios Inc.

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> Howdy All, 
> Sorry for the resend but I did not get the table in the previous
> attached pdf. 
> I have added clearing effects for device reservations to Table 23 in 
> Please review  the attached pdf. 
> I don't believe there is a need to add persistent reservations to the 
> table 
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