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ISO/IEC Report 6/98 Abstracted from relevent documents

ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25 (Tokyo 08) 29 May 1998

Working Group 4 Brief Report:

SC 25/WG 4 met in Tokyo from 25 May through 27 May covering all of the
agenda items presented in  SC 25 N 445A. In addition SC 25/WG 4 met wit=
h SC
26 on 28 May to review the work and future work of both groups with the=

object of evaluating synergy. During the past year five of the WG 4
projects resulted in published International Standards. Three standards=

were due for review in 1998. The recommended outcome of the review is
addressed by the first WG 4 resolution.

At the conclusion of this meeting the projects of WG 4 include:

     Seventeen projects which have completed CD balloting.

     Six projects at the DIS stage.

     Sixteen published International Standards.

     One standard to be withdrawn.

During this meeting WG 4 has recommended thirty seven Resolutions,
including some requesting specific new work item proposals, for approva=
l by
SC 25 and assigned fifteen action points for WG 4 and the Secretariat.



Project - FDDI - Part 1: Physical Layer Protocol (PHY)
[ ISO 9314-1:1989-04 ]

A preliminary review was requested for this standard. Mr. Milligan
explained that FDDI  PHY-2 includes FDDI PHY but that both documents re=
to each other, however. It was unanimously recommended for reaffirmatio=
Tokyo resolution WG 4/01 was generated.

Project - FDDI - Part 2: Media Access Control (MAC)
[ ISO 9314-2:1989-05 ]

This standard also required a preliminary review. It was also unaminous=
reaffirmed. Tokyo resolution WG 4/01 also applies.

Project - FDDI - Part 3: Physical Medium Dependent (PMD)
[ ISO/IEC 9314-3:1990-10 ]

The progress of the periodic review of this standard was still being
restrained by the lack of IEC standards for component and test
specifications. Mr. Milligan reported that he had received a partial
conversion list from AMP of EIA-to-IEC specifications. He agreed to
complete this conversion list as far as possible (Action item 1) to ena=
FDDI PMD to progress with a revised DIS document. London resolution WG =
and Buzios resolutions WG 4/01 and /02 are still relevant.


Project - Flexible Disk
[ ISO 9315:1989-06 ]

This standard required a preliminary review. The US and Japanese NBs wo=
prefer to revise the standard. After discussion, Mr. Mori (who is the
project editor) isuggested that this standard should be withdrawn due t=
lack of resources. This was unaminously agreed. Tokyo resolution WG4/01=



Project - Intelligent Peripheral Interface (IPI) - Part 3:
Device Generic Command Set for Magnetic Disk Drives (IPI-3 Disk)
[ ISO/IEC 9318-3:1990-12 ]

At the previous SC 25/WG 4 meeting it was decided to fast-track this
standard. However due to a declining interest  in this item, it was
unanimously agreed not to encourage the US NB to fast-track IPI-3 Disk.=

Project - Intelligent Peripheral Interface (IPI) - Part 4:
Device  Generic Command Set for Magnetic Tape Drives (IPI-3 Tape)
[ ISO/IEC 9318-4:1990-12 ]

As above.


Project - SCSI-2 Common Access Method (SCSI-2 CAM) [ 9316-4=
or 9316-2, DIS 15842 ]

DIS approved in 03/98. Following a request from IEC Central Office, it =
agreed to use the number 9316-2 instead of 9316-421 for this standard. =
M=E4rgner pointed out that 9316-1 could not be used because it was form=
taken to progress the standards work on SCSI-2 before it became ISO/IEC=

9316:1995-11. Tokyo resolution WG4/02 is appropriate.

Project - SCSI-3 Primary Commands (SPC) [ CD 14776-311 ]

The NWIP ballot failed because only 4 NBs had agreed to actively
participate in this project (according to question Q.3 of the NP ballot=

form). It appears that a positive Brazil vote had not been incorporated=

into the ballot result. It is expected that the vote result will be cha=
to proceed.

Action point 9 was generated to request the Secretary to send out
information electronically to WG 4 members indicating that an NP ballot=
a particular project has started with special focus on the ending date =
the importance of question Q.3.

The CD ballot was successful and was distributed as SC 25 N 463. Action=

point 8 was generated to ensure that any CD comments are obtained by th=
Secretary and circulated to Mr. Milligan. London resolution WG 4/20 is
still pending. Tokyo resolution WG 4/03 was generated to enable progres=
|from DIS to IS. Tokyo resolution WG 4/04 was generated in case the Braz=
vote could not be changed i.e. to encourage the US NB to fast-track the=


Project - SCSI-3 Interlocked Protocol (SIP) [ CD 14776-211 =

As above except that Tokyo resolutions WG 4/05 and /06 are relevant.

Project - SCSI Specifications for Optical Memory Card
Reader/Writer  (OMC RD/WR) [ 14776-381 ]

Document JTC 1/SC 25/WG 4/T(okyo)07: Latest draft of CD 14776-381 SCSI
Optical Memory Card Reader/Writer, was distributed by Mr. Hosoya.  Docu=
SC 25/WG 4/T(okyo)09 containing comments on the draft specification was=

distributed by Mr. Milligan. Tokyo resolution WG 4/16 was generated to
enable the project title to be changed  from 'SCSI Specification for
Optical Memory Card Reader/Writer' to 'SCSI Optical Memory Card Device
Commands' .  Buzios resolution WG 4/17 and Tokyo resolution WG 4/17 are=

relevant for the progression of this standard.

Project - SCSI Controller Commands-2 (SCC-2) [ CD 14776-342=

This CD is currently out for ballot, however the NWIP has yet to be
submitted. Tokyo resolution WG 4/22 enables the NWIP. Tokyo resolutions=
4/36 and /37 were generated to enable CD and DIS documents and letter


Project - HIPPI - Part 7: Fibre Channel Protocol (HIPPI-FC)=
11518-7 ]

HIPPI-FC was to have been a temporary standard to enable FC oriented
commands to be ported over HIPPI. As FC became widely used no requireme=
for a standards was felt. Consequently, a NWIP will not be submitted.
London resolutions WG 4/51, /52, and /53 have been withdrawn in 01/98.


Project - Fibre Channel (FC) Mapping of Link Encapsulation =
ISO 8802-2 ] (FC-LE) [ 14165-231 ]

The current implementations of FC over LE have not been used. The US ha=
decided to recommend that standards developed in other areas (e.g. 'IP =
FC' (IPFC) will be handled by a proposed IETF working group) be used
instead. The US does not plan to submit this as a CD and recommended th=
this project was canceled.. Tokyo resolution WG 4/26 cancels this proje=
and withdraws London resolutions WG 4/56 and /57.

Note: IETF stands for Internet Engineering Task Force

Project - Fibre Channel (FC) Fabric Loop Attachment  (FC-FL=
A) [
14165-tbd ]

This document has been published as a Technical Report in the US. The
content is more like a profile standard. Currently there is no perceive=
need to promote it into the international arena. An abstract was
distributed electronically to all Buzios WG 4 participants in 10/97.

Project - Fibre Channel (FC) Private Loop SCSI Direct Attac=
(FC-PLDA) [ 14165-tbd ]

This document is currently being generated as a Technical Report in the=
The content is more like a profile standard. Currently there is no
perceived need to promote them into the international arena. An abstrac=
was distributed electronically to all Buzios WG 4 participants in 10/97=
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