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I agree very strongly with the main thrust of Joel Urman's comments and
thank him for the input which should be useful to T10.

I will however try to clarify two items. I am sorry if my letter left the
impression that I was advocating the use of ANSI standards rather than
ISO/IEC standards. I intended to just ask the question if others had this
view or if this was their perception of the market reality.

T13 as a result of their projects being turned down by JTC 1 voted at their
formation meeting to not participate in international standards work at
least for the time being. I have several times asked the NCITS Secretariat
to correct the NCITS and the ISO/IEC JTC 1 U.S. TAG web sites to eliminate
the false impression that they are doing any international standards work.

Gene Milligan
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25/WG 4 TAG IR (T10, T11, & T12)

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This is IBM's position on the issue of ISO standards. It should be clear
the note that IBM strongly
supports having ISO versions of T10 standards.
Bye for now,
George Penokie
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Subject: IBM Comments on JT/97-0566,
Need for International Standardization of Interfaces, Protocols and
Interconnecting Media
Mr. Milligan's suggestion that development of American national standards,
not international standards, is sufficient to satisfy industry needs for
interfaces, protocols and associated interconnecting media is interesting
may have merit on the surface.  However, IBM believes that it is essential
all NCITS technical committees, including T10-13 to continue to work with
and the international community to develop their standards.  IBM continues
believe that development, recognition and acceptance of international
is an essential element for the success of the IT industry.
Whether or not the international version of an ANSI standard is purchased
referenced, is not the critical measure of the value of international
standardization.  International standardization of technologies enhances
market acceptance of those technologies and helps break down trade barriers
having a single internationally accepted standard to which all products can
conform.  In addition many governments are mandated to accept only products
that conform to international standards. Thus, international standards
government acceptance of many products.
For these reasons, IBM strongly believes that NCITS T10-13 should continue
work within JTC 1 to develop international standards for interfaces,
and associated interconnecting media.
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