Clarification on CD-DA bit of Mode Page 2A hex

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Tue Jan 27 09:33:25 PST 1998

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To MMC members,

I would like to get a clarification on the CD-DA supported bits (Byte 5,
bits 0 and 1) of
CD Capabilities and Mechanical Status Page (2A hex).

Here is the current description:
Byte 5, Bit 0, CD-DA Commands Supported, audio can be read using the
READ CD command.
Byte 5, Bit 1, CD-DA Stream is Accurate, indicates that the drive
supports an advanced
feature that allows it to return to an audio location without losing
place to continue the
READ CD command.

The fundamental question is 'should the bits 0 and 1 be set if the
features are supported,
but without the READ CD command support?'  For instance, the CD-DA
support is provided via
the 'READ CD-DA' command.

Your clarification on this matter would be appreciated.

Dennis Pak
Sony Electronics

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