Minutes, MMC working group Jan 8&9, 1998

Sun Jan 25 09:40:52 PST 1998

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NCITS, Information Processing Systems
Doc. No. T10/98-110R0
Date: January 9, 1998
Project: T10-1228D
Ref. Doc.: T10/94-057
Reply to: R. Roberts  (rkroberts at aol.com)

To: Membership of T10
From: B. McFerrin/R. Roberts
Subject: Minutes of T10 MMC II Working Group - January 8 & 9, 1998

    1.0      Opening Remarks
    2.0      Introductions
    3.0      Document Distribution
    4.0      Call for Patents
    5.0      Approval of Agenda
    6.0      Meeting Agenda
           6.1 - Review Rev3 of MMC II Specification 
    7.0      New Business
    8.0      Review of Action Items
    9.0      Future Meeting Schedule
  10.0      Adjournment

1.0 Opening Remarks
Ron Roberts called the meeting to order at 9:15 AM on Thursday 1/8/98. 
He thanked SIERRA-Pac Technology for hosting the meetings. 
Ron asked Mr. Bill McFerrin of Philips to act as recording secretary for the

This meeting has been authorized by NCITS T10 and will be conducted under
 the NCITS rules. Ad hoc meetings take no final actions, but prepare
for approval by the NCITS task group.  The voting rules for the meeting are
those of the 
parent committee, NCITS T10.  For the ad hoc, other than straw votes, the
 rules are: one vote per participating company.

The minutes of this meeting will be posted to the Symbios T10 BBS,
 the SCSI Reflector, the MMC Reflector, and will be included in the next X3T10
committee mailing.

Attendance at a working group meeting does not count toward minimum attendance
 requirements for X3T10 membership.  Working group meetings are open to any
person or
 company to attend and to express their opinion on the subjects being
2.0 Introductions
Introductions of attendees were made and a sign-up sheet was distributed. The
attendees were present during the two days of meetings:
Name:			Company:		E-mail address:
Mike McMurdie	Adaptec		mcmurdie at corp.adaptec.com
Ron Roberts 		Apple Computer	rkroberts at alo.com
Rob Sims 		Hewlett Packard 	robsims at hootie.lvld.hp.com
Bill McFerrin 		Philips 			bill.mcferrin at na.km.philips.com
Frank Banul		Texas Instrument	f-banul at ti.com
Devon Worrell 	Western Digital 	worrell at dt.wdc.com
Tim Bradshaw 	Iomega Corp.		bradshat at iomega.com

3.0  Document Distribution
Ron Roberts distributed a soft copies  of the following documents:
1) d1228_r01.doc, MMC II Rev 4.0

4.0 Call for Patents
The normal request for patent disclosures was made. No patents were

5.0 Approval of Agenda
No modifications were made.

6.0 Agenda
6.1 Review Rev4 of MMC II Specification
1.  Layout of the document was reviewed and modifications made.
- Forward
- Introduction
- 1.0. SCOPE
- 2.0. Normative Ref
- 3.0. Definitions, Abbrev, etc.
- 4.0. Models (includes section 8 of Fuji2)
- 5.0. Parameters, Features, Profiles
- 6.0. Commands
- Annex A  Sense Codes
- Annex B ATAPI Implementation
- Annex C SBP2 Implementation
- Annex N Command List
- Annex P Power Management
- Annex Q CD Text
2.  Discussion on what is to be included in the Power Management Annex. 
R. Roberts to contact Pete McLean to determine what RBC and MMC should follow 
when it comes to Pwr Mgmnt. 
3.  Discussed what should be given to Tech editor of SPC2, to be included with
 GET CONFIGURATION command. Rob Sims to provide a Frame document of the 
GET CONFIGURATION command and Feature descriptions to be included in the SPC2
4.  It was determined that Section 8 and 8.2 be merged into the Clause5 and
 in the new clause 5 with Parameters.
5.  Bill McFerrin requested that each clause be reviewed and identify the
areas that 
can be listed as completed. See action items for results of review. 
6.   Clause 3, Definitions, abbreviations, and symbols was reviewed.  Ron
Roberts is 
requested to check capitalization rules of NCITS and ANSI and adjust the
document accordingly.
7.    Review of Command Section Commands shall remain in alphabetic order
 to command name.
All commands shall be represented.
Devon Worrell noted that several Fuji commands are not yet in MMC2.  Ron
Roberts has 
the action in progress.
- Blank
	The mandatory/optional column in the Blanking Types table will be removed.
- Close Track/Session
Close Session has an additional description.  When a Close Session is
requested and
Write Parameters specify that the disc remains open  and there is not
sufficient space 
for a next session, then the session shall be closed with B0 pointer set to
- Format Unit
	IP bit must now be fixed to 1.  Fuji changes for DVD.
- Get Event Status Notification - OK.
- Load/Unload - OK.
- Mechanism Status
	Verbage for fields when there is no changer:
	Mechanism State, Door Open, Current LBA must have valid values.
	Number of slots available shall be zero.
	Length of slot tables shall be zero.
- Pause/Resume
- Play Audio (10)
- Play Audio (12)
- Play Audio MSF
	Transfer length (Play 10 and Play 12) will now be Play length.
be changed to ILLEGAL MODE FOR THIS TRACK for consistency with SCSI-2.
- Play CD    - This command has been marked obsolete.
- Read Buffer Capacity   This command has been marked obsolete.
-Read CD
Need feature for R-W subcode reading; particular attention must be paid to CD-
	Read CD needs some clarification work.
- Read CD MSF  - OK.
- Read CD Recorded Capacity
	Need a table for various CD capacities.
-Read Disc Information
	RR may add DVD-R specifics.
Remaining commands will be processed for compatibility with Fuji2.
8.  It was determined that Revision 5 of the document will be the base line
and changes
 to rev 5 will be indicated by revision marks.

7.0      New Business

8.0       Review of Action Items

- Ron Roberts will contact Pete McLean on power management schemes or
- Ron Roberts to contact SONY and determine if CD TEXT can be included as a
 and defined in the feature clauses.
- Ron Roberts to change FORWARD as marked up with changes from Fuji2 included.
- Ron Roberts to change INTRODUCTION as marked up.
	- Ron Roberts to change SCOPE to reflect the requested changes.
	- Ron Roberts to update sub-clause 2.2 with latest versions.
	- Bill McFerrin with the following items:
Verbage changes for Close Session.
	Verbage changes for Read CD for CD-Text reading.  Loss of streaming
statement. (p 89).
	Verbage changes for Read CD Recorded Capacity.  Need a table.

9.0  Future Meeting Schedule

Salt Lake City, UT	February 9 & 10,  Joint meeting with the RBC on 2/9/98. 

10.0    Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 4:00PM January 9, 1998.

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