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I've split the ballot comments on SBP-2 Revision 3 into two groups: editorial
and other. In the hope that the responses to the editorial comments are not
controversial, I have prepared an SBP-2 Revision 3a that incorporates all
accepted editorial changes. A separate document, 98-109r0, provides rationale
for rejected editorial comments. Just so there won't be any confusion, the
document also identifies, by number, the technical comments whose resolution
is deferred.

Interested parties should review SBP-2 Revision 3a and 98-109r0 before the
SBP-2 working group meeting Tuesday, March 17, in San Diego. If you feel that
any of the resolved editorial comments require more discussion, let me know so
we may take them up in San Diego.

If there are no requests for additional discussion on the editorial comments,
in San Diego I will move that SBP-2 Revision 3a and 97-109r0 be accepted as
the resolution of those comments.

The goal is to set aside the bulk of the time for discussion and resolution of
technical comments. As soon as possible (but certainly before March 3) I hope
to prepare a comments resolution document for the technical and controversial

Both SBP2r03a.pdf and 98-109r0.pdf have been posted to the T10 FTP site,


Peter Johansson
Technical Editor, SBP-2
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