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Tue Jan 13 09:03:40 PST 1998

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Just a reminder that the Jan. 14 is drawing close...  (We may be able to
extend the cutoff a few days, probably until they are out of rooms, but
there is no guarantee....)


Following is the info on the RBC and MMC2 meetings in Salt Lake CIty in

We have a block of rooms set aside for our use (under the name Iomega)
for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights (Feb. 8 - 10), at $105.00/night. 
Reservations need to be made with the hotel before January 14, 1998. 
Their number is 1-800-637-4390, or 1-801-581-1000.

We have meetings rooms set up for the RBC group on Monday, Feb. 9;
the combined RBC/MMC2 group on Tuesday, Feb. 10; and MMC2 on
Wednesday, Feb. 11.

More info, directions to the hotel, directions to skiing, etc. will be posted
as the date gets closer (and I have time to get it together).

-Tim Bradshaw
Iomega Corp.
R&D Evangelist
Mobile: (801)725-1503
bradshat at
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