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By the time you read this, three documents pertaining to SBP-2 comment
resolution have *probably* made their way to They are:


The first is a very minor change to editorial comment response published some
time ago---probably not worth your time, but uploaded for the sake of the

The bulk of the comment resolution to be discussed St. Patrick's day in San
Diego is contained in 97-117r0. There were a LOT of comments; it will be
yeoman's work for us to make our way through them that Tuesday. Please assist
by reading 97-117r0 in conjunction with SBP-2 Revision 3a before the meeting.

The last is a response to the suggestion that the isochronous material be
removed from SBP-2.

Subject to modification by the working group, I propose that these documents
be adopted as full resolution of the letter ballot comments and will so move
in the plenary session.


Peter Johansson
Technical Editor, T10 Project 1155D (aka SBP-2)

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