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With all due respect to Bob Snively, SCSI command implementations that
use the Linked bit in the Control field have been used in our lifetimes,
and continue to be used. Who else but a mainframe supplier of
proprietary systems and software would have a legacy support requirement
for Command Linking? Yes, we do.

However, your model of how the Link bit should work matches fairly well
to our implementation Bob. Although, I do try and discourage this sort
of thing internally, once your designs have a dependency like this, it's
hard to extract yourself. Both drives and host adapters have been
available, (in parallel SCSI) to support it, so there has been no
compelling reason to shift to a new design architecture, (and it's
attendant expense). Now Fibre Channel may be an entirely different
situation. Operating devices through a switch or 2 in a multi-initiator
environment will make Linked command implentation a bit more

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