SBP-2 Extended Reconnect Interval proposal

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>I like this suggestion.  I don't know if we can accommodate it in the ballot
>review process, but there was a specific ballot comment about the reconnect
>time-out so maybe it can be addressed.


There is nothing in the NCITS rules that precludes our addressing Greg's
proposal at this point in our processing of SBP-2 (even if there had been
no related letter ballot comments).  So, if there is consensus that Greg's
proposal should be included in SBP-2, then go for it.  

However, we will need a 2/3rds vote to approve the proposed responses to
the letter ballot comments and to accept SBP-2 Rev xx as incorporating the
proposed responses and the Extended Reconnect Interval proposal.  (If the
proposal is accepted, the last part should be added to the motion to
clarify that it did not originate from a letter ballot comment.)


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