Spi-2 rev 19 and Letter ballot comments resolutions

George Penokie gop at us.ibm.com
Tue Feb 3 07:32:41 PST 1998

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The SPI-2 letter ballot comments resolutions proposal (98-108r1) is on the SCSI
web site:


Note the new URL  for 1998 proposals. Your old bookmark will take you to 1997

SPI-2 rev19 is, also, on the SCSI web site
and contains all the changes indicated in the 98-108r1  proposal. For those of
you that sent
in comments look over 98-108r1 and SPI-2 rev 19 to make sure you can accept the
for you comments.

If there are any questions or comments let me know. It would be best to do this
before the March
Bye for now,
George Penokie
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