A/B Port bit in Inquiry Data

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Mon Feb 2 12:07:28 PST 1998

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Hi Ralph,

Thanks for your response.
I guess people are thinking about this stuff but
don't have the time to get this kinda stuff in
the Standard.
In the future, I hope to see port atrributes defined
further in the Standard. I would hate to see the Array vendors
define all this stuff in a VS manner again.

On Sun, 01 Feb 1998 19:14:08 -0600 (CDT)  ROWEBER at acm.org wrote:
>Several of the drafts of SPC identified bit 5 in byte 6 and the MultiP
>bit.  Its function was as you describe, 0=A-port 1=B-port.  The bit has
>since been marked vendor-specific, so that implementations that used
>the MultiP bit are still good.
>Although I cannot speak for the T10 committee, my understanding is that
>the desire is to allow implementations with more than two ports.  Hence,
>a single bit is insufficient to identify which port, and thus the fate
>of the MultiP bit.  Since there is no agreement on the proper upper
>limit for the number of ports, no field has been defined in the 
>Inquiry data to take the place of MultiP.
>All in all, you may wish to consider using the vendor-specific bit
>at bit position 5 in byte 6 to implement the port identifier flag
>described in your mail.

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