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I hate to bore you all with real SCSI business but here goes.

A new version of the PPR proposal 98-180r5 (rev 4 is the approved version)
is on the web site. The reason for it is because the Standard Inquiry Data
table was not correct in that the bits in byte 5 that were moved to byte 56
were still in the table and the none of the bits have been added into SPC-2
yet. It appears people who are implementing are getting confused; one
because the bits are shown in two places and two because none of the bits
are defined in the latest version of SPC-2. So if you are implementing
SPI-3, for now, you should use 98-180r5 (the last to pages) for a
definition of how to set the bits that indicate which parts of SPI-3 you
are supporting.

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