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Murphy's law is alive and well.  Just when I have almost zero time to deal
with infrastructure, we have a major reflector debate over spam.  Oh, well.

One request:  If you feel compelled to post to the reflector about spam, do
NOT include the spam in your posting.  Better still, send me a private
email -- don't bug the rest of the people on the reflector who cannot do
anything about the problem.

I've just updated the configuration file for the T10 reflector.  The only
significant change is that people who are not on the T10 list are now
blocked from using the 'who' command.  (I could not find an option to block
this command for everyone, so this won't stop people familiar with majordomo.)

Many of the other suggestions, while appreciated, are not practical with
the current revision of majordomo running at

Soon we will be moving to a new server that will have a newer version of
majordomo on it.  I hope that it will have better spam tools.  

I would really like to be able to run each message through a C program to
detect blatant spam.  The output would then be vectored to one of three
places:  the reflector, the spam black hole, or to me for approval.  If
anyone knows of such tools for Solaris, please let me know (directly at
lohmeyer at

As mentioned above, we will be moving to a machine donated by the SCSI
Trade Association and dedicated to T10 activities.  We will have majordomo,
ftp, and web service.  The new URLs will all be at  Don't bother
trying now -- they do not work yet.  One minor benefit of the URL change is
that we may throw off the spammers for a brief time.  I will post more
information once the machine is up and operational.


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