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Mon Dec 7 18:18:42 PST 1998

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I too found this message offensive.  However, complaining to the reflector
(and especially including the offensive message) does no good.  It just
replicates the spam.

As I told everyone on the T10 list a couple weeks ago, I am well aware of
the spam problem.   Majordomo provides only a few tools that are useful for
blocking spam.  Most of these require a great effort on my part.  I plan to
take action on better spam filters as soon as T10 gets its new server
machine.  (I believe the hardware has been delivered.)  Until then, there
is almost no point in doing anything as the majordomo server is
an older revision that does not include the newest majordomo tools.

As a practical matter, there is no way to completely block spam.  I have
had a lot of good suggestions from several people, but none of these will
block a determined spammer.

The problem with your unsubscribing was that you are on the list as
wew at but your email account lists you as
wew at  I have unsubscribed you.


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