Suggested changes to standards reflectors

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Mon Dec 7 13:28:01 PST 1998

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greg at wrote:
>Most of the crap I receive comes from reflectors.
>That suggests that reflector software, instead of simply forwarding,
>could reject submissions from non-members.  Has anyone checked
>whether pussypary152 is a member of X3T11?

Implementing this would require a lot of manual work on the part of list 
administrators, who are already overworked.  I also think that the 
reflectors should be open to use by persons who are not members of T11 or 
other standards bodies.

I would suggest the following changes to the configuration of standards 
1. Messages may only be posted by persons that have subscribed to the 

2. Use the available feature in Majordomo that sends a message to the 
subscribers email address.  This message must be returned before a 
subscription is activated.

3. Turn off the Majordomo feature that allows a user to examine the 
subscriber list.

  ... Erich Oetting

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