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Richard Moore richard_moore at corp.adaptec.com
Mon Aug 31 17:41:38 PDT 1998

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Thanks for the update. I remember seeing "desertion" somewhere, and it
me at the time, but I couldn't remember where.

I like "negation" better than "de-assertion" although I have to admit to
a habit of
using "de-assertion" a lot. Technical jargon in a technical context is
inherently a bad thing (especially when there's not a standard English
word to
capture a concept) but in this case "negation" just sounds cleaner.

On the other hand, with double-transition clocking, we may need new
terminology since driving the clock signal low is no longer an
"assertion" in
the logical sense. Or maybe we don't need new terms, but we would have
define this usage as part of the SCSI jargon.

  Richard Moore
  Adaptec Irvine Technology Center

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