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Daniel_F_Smith at notes.seagate.com wrote:

> (I beg to differ with the author of a recent QAS document, but the use of
> "desertion", as a useful technical term, is a bit of a stretch and
> therefore inspired the generation of the above comments.)

Which QAS document had *that* in it?
  Richard Moore
  Adaptec Irvine Technology Center


Actually none. My error. I apologize.  My reference to the word "desertion"
actually stems from an internal Seagate document which referenced part of
the original QAS document. It was probably run through a spell checker and
corrected the word "de-assertion" to "desertion".  This is my point
exactly!  The cyber dictionary could not find the term "de-assertion".
Thanks for correcting my error Richard.  The original document was:  QAS
Proposal T10/97-199r9.

(Oooh.... sorry Richard.  I just realized you are the author.  I didn't
mean to be so critical of your work.  The term "de-assertion" is so widely
used that it has become a de facto standard in our technical lexicon.
Maybe we should invent our own, distinct terms as we need them; others in
the editing business seem to think it's fair game.)

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