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At the risk of sounding petty, I put forth the following definitions for
examination due to the frequency of misuse of these terms.  I know certain
individuals are inclined to say that the usage of particular terms have
been with us since inception, but I see a trend toward further incorrect
usage that compels me to ask for careful consideration of our definition of
terms.  If we are to publish and certify important, professional documents,
we must use accurate language.

I apologize to those who have done an exceptional job  arranging and
editing such difficult, technical information.  I wish only to heighten our
awareness.  Thank you for tolerating my tirade.  I'll speak no more on this

>From Webster's Dictionary:

assertion:  1, the act of asserting.  2, something asserted; positive
statement; declaration.

negation: 1, the act or instance of denying; negative answer; denial.  2,
the lack or opposite of some positive character or quality.  3, something
negative; nonentity.

de-assertion:  (Does not exist in any dictionary I have found. Its common
usage is embedded in all of our conversations and documentation and
therefore makes it a part of our technical lexicon.)

desertion:  1, a deserting or being deserted.  2, Law: the abandonment of
one's spouse, children, etc.

(I beg to differ with the author of a recent QAS document, but the use of
"desertion", as a useful technical term, is a bit of a stretch and
therefore inspired the generation of the above comments.)

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