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ENDL Pacific Technologies will be hosting T10 in 2000. This meeting will 
involve long range planning for those who plan to attend and need to make 
arrangements which combine vacation time with business activities. 
Accordingly, I have accelerated the cycle of selection, and made preliminary 
commitments with the Marriott Resort at Surfers Paradise.

This Five Star hotel was selected as the "Best Resort" in Queensland for 
1998, and has a wall of trophies and plaques for previous years from Tourist 
Boards and magazines.  

Surfers Paradise is on the East Coast of Australia, and lies about halfway 
between Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef. The Marriott is unique in being 
able to offer those unable to visit the Reef a substitute experience; it has 
the only salt water lagoon in the country. There is a coral reef in the 1.7 
million litre (4 million gallons) lagoon which has sandy beach areas 
situated to catch morning and afternoon sun. The lagoon is stocked with 
tropical fish so guests can play at being Dr Doolittle as they scuba dive or 
snorkel or swim amongst the fishes.

Surfers Paradise is one of the communities along many miles of white beach 
front, a stretch that is known as the Gold Coast. Brisbane is an hour to the 
north, and has no beaches. It used to be a mangrove swamp and wetlands where 
the river met the sea until progress reshaped the area. Brisbane is a 
picturesque city with a broad river winding through it, and has a vibrant 
downtown with an excellent shopping district and a strong business 
community. The sand starts again less than an hour beyond Brisbane at the 
Sunshine Coast, which is gateway to hundreds of miles of beaches all the way 
up to Cairns. 

This is a sub-tropical climate and January is the height of summer, so bring 
lots of loose fitting clothes. You need long sleeved and collared 
shirts/blouses to protect your arms and neck from the burning rays 
(sunstroke can be deadly and a sunburn will ruin your vacation). Remember, 
you are very close to the equator. 

If you are going to attend T10 and plan to take your wife (to save your 
marriage), I suggest you investigate the coach tours that run to/from 
Cairns. They include accommodation and provide ample time to explore the 
Great Barrier Reef and the rain forest areas of up north. If you left here 
before New Year, you could catch the first tours in 2000 and still attend 
T10. They last about 7 days and do not run between Christmas and New Year if 
I remember correctly. 

Australia uses dollars, and exchange rates vary with the economy. Things we 
take for granted as being cheap are on the expensive side (computers and 
electronic consumer goods). Rental cars are also higher than we are used to 
because the CDW is a required part of  the rate (that may be due to the body 
damages incurred by U.S. travelers used to the 'other' side of the road). 

January is the peak season for travel, but unlike Europe in August, the 
whole country does not shut down. Accommodations are typically not a problem 
outside of  prime tourist areas. If you decide to do some relaxed touring, 
take no chances by booking at least a day ahead.   

Cars and rooms are air conditioned. The most popular cars are the Ford 
Falcon and GM Holden. The Toyota Camry is better for tourists, as the 
slightly smaller size helps you transition to the opposite side of the road. 
Flag Hotels is the local equivalent to Best Western, and can provide 
accommodation in most of the areas you are likely to visit. Do not 
underestimate distances and travel time. There are only partial stretches of 
freeway between Sydney and Brisbane so don't even consider trying to make 
the 500 mile run in one day. Plan on a pleasant 2-day drive which will give 
you a little time to play tourist. 

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                            MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT

                  Accredited Standards Committee Meetings
                             (T10 and Friends)

                            JANUARY 10-14, 2000

HOSTED BY:          ENDL Pacific Technologies

LOCATION:           Marriott Resort
                    150 Ferny Ave
                    Surfers Paradise
                    Queensland  4217


ROOM RATE:          A$220/night (no tax and no parking charges)
                    At the current exchange rate this is < US$125

GROUP NAME:         T10

CUTOFF DATE:        tbd

WARNING:            If you call the Marriott 800 number here in the U.S. to 
                    make your reservation you can expect to pay as much as 
                    double the above rate plus pay the meeting fee as well.  

MEETING FEE:        For those who stay at a different hotel or are not under 
                    the T10 group reservation, there will be a meeting fee 
                    of $150.  

DIRECTIONS:         First, check your mileage account.....

All international flights land in Sydney, but with QANTAS you also have a 
choice of Cairns as a gateway. United and other airlines typically have 
code-sharing with Ansett Airlines. Ansett and QANTAS both offer promotional 
rates for local travel if you buy your tickets before departure. 

Brisbane is an hour plus flight from Sydney and Surfers Paradise is about an 
hour south by car. 

Alternatively, you can fly into the local airport of Coolangatta, and take a 
cab to the hotel. 

More to follow as the time approaches.

HOST CONTACT:          Dal Allan (408-867-6630 or endlcom at ibm.net)

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