Questions for Prevent and Get Config CMD

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Tue Aug 25 17:25:14 PDT 1998

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  I have questions as followings, if you know them please let me know.

For "Prevent Allow Medium Removal command"

    Mt.Fuji2/3,MMC-2 specification says,

    Byte 4
           bit0: Prevent
           bit1: Persistent 

    SCSI(SPC-2) says,

    Byte 4
           bit0: Prevent
           bit1: Prevent (attached medium changer)

  SPC byte 4:bit1 is for medium changer as juke box, but Mt.Fuji2/3,MMC-2
are not same meaning[feature].

  It is conflicting, which description is popular ?

For "Get Configuration command"

  I think, "Get Configuration command" was proposed to place at SPC 
specification. Will it be there soon or not ?

Mike Ito,

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