Agenda - STA Technical Meeting Sept 17, 1998 - 2:00PM or 1/2 hour after T10 Plenary

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STA Technical Meeting  
St Petersburg, FL
September 17, 1998
SCSI Harbor


1. Opening Remarks and Introductions

2. Approval of Agenda

3. Attendance and Membership

4. Approval of Minutes

5. Document Distribution
All SCSI Harbor documents are available at the ftp and web sites:
Documents will be put on these sites in PDF format. Additionally, the
meeting minutes will be distributed on the Harbor reflector
(harbor at To be added to the Harbor Reflector, please send an
email to info at In the email, please mention that you wish to
be added to the Harbor reflector and include your full contact
information (organization, address, phone, fax, and email).

6. Review of Old Action Items

		6.1 ) Tom Winsemius will provide the content for
sections 2.6 (EMI), 2.10 (Shock and Vibration), 2.11 (Thermal
Management) and 6.0 (Handling, ref IDEMA). Carry over.

		6.2 ) Pat McGarrah will get someone to help Benjie write
the Wrapper to Connector specifications.

		 6.3) Pat McGarrah will edit sections 1.1 through 1.3.

7. Document Review [Benjie Sun] (98s004r2)

8. Old Business

		  8.1 Testing Strategy [Ham]

9. New Business

10. Review of Action Items

11. Meeting Schedule
The next SCSI Harbor meeting will be on Thursday, November 5, 1998
beginning 1/2 hour after the T10 plenary meeting, but no earlier than
2:00 pm in Hyatt Regency, Palm Springs, CA

12. Adjournment

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