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Another question has come up about initiators and keys in a multiple logical
unit environment In the case where an initiator is registered to multiple
logical units within a single target what happens if the initiator changes the
key for one of the logical units? Right now we have a rule that states an
initiator can only use one key.
We have come up with three solutions but the committee needs to decide which
solution will go into the standard:

1-Any change to one key changes all the keys to the new value for any other
logical units under that initiator then issue an unit attention for those
logical units. In this case an unregister of one would also cause all the other
logical units under the unregistering initiator to be unregistered.
2-Before changing an initiator/key the initiator must deregister all but one of
the keys before it can change a key (i.e., an initiator is only allowed to
change a key if it is registered to only one logical unit). Any attempt to
violate this rule would cause an error.
3-Accept the reregister and unregister all other logical units under the
key/initiator pairs. Note that once the logical unit is unregistered it is
pointless  to set an unit attention because no commands can get to the logical

Another question has come up that needs to be resolved.
Is the WWID that is used to keep track of the initiators between power cycles
the WWID of the initiator port or initiator node?

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