FC-TAPE Draft Agenda

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Attached please find a Draft Agenda for the May 5, 1998
FC-TAPE AdHoc meeting.

Any changes needed?

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Draft Agenda
FC-TAPE AdHoc Meeting
May 5, 1998 - Colorado Springs, CO

1. Introductions:					Group

2. Approval of this Agenda:		T11/98-196v0	Group

3. Approval of 4/22 Minutes:		T11/98-171v0	Stewart Wyatt

4. Old Action Items:
	A. Error Recovery Qualifier			Neil Wanamaker
	B. Command Reference Number Size		Group
	C. Sense Length Limit				Group

5. Suggested FCP-2 Enhancements:	T11/98-195v0	Crossroads

6. New Business:					Group

7. FC-TAPE Draft Review:		T11/98-124v4	Dave Peterson

8. New Action Items:					Group

9. Adjournment:						Group


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