98-145r0 - Discovering If This Is SES Port A or Port B

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Wed Apr 29 14:40:22 PDT 1998

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Well, you all have made the A/B port question sufficiently confusing
that I can't draft a practical 98-145r1.  But, I've made notes and
am looking forward to a lively discussion at the May Working Group.

Also, I'm not fully convinced that we have to ignore the 5 years when
the Port bit was defined, simply because SPC was never forwarded that
way.  T10 and its predecessors have a proven commitment to honoring
the intent of approved proposals.  Just look at the note in Table B.4:

   "Page code 0Dh is reserved for use by devices conforming to T10 
   internal document X3T9.2/91-014r6.  However, 1Ah is the preferred 
   mode page code for the Power Condition page (see 8.3.7)."

Yes!  ANSI approved that wording (reluctantly), and I fought for it based 
on the importance of keeping commitments made when X3T9.2 approved a 

Perhaps we should consider an addenda for SPC making Standard INQUIRY data
byte 6 bit 5 obsolete (the keyword was defined in SPC sometime after the
letter ballot).  The addenda could reference X3T9.2/90-193.


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