JTC 1 TAG report on IEC TC100 activities

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To:       Gene Milligan
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Date:     04/17/98 05:46:27 PM GMT
Subject:  JTC 1 TAG report on IEC TC100 activities

Attn:  IEC TC100 US TAG participants:
For your information, please find below an extract from the minutes of
the last meeting of the US TAG to ISO/IEC JTC 1: Information
Technology dealing with the JTC 1 concerns over the scope of IEC
TC100.  The meeting took place in March.
Extract begins...
Report on Joint Meeting of the JTC 1 TAG and the IEC/TC 100 TAG -
February 18, 1998  - (S. Jameson)
Mr. Jameson, Chairman of the JTC 1 TAG Ad Hoc on TC 100 Issues, noted
that the JTC 1 TAG established the ad hoc at the October 1997 JTC 1
TAG meeting. Mr. Jameson reviewed the documents posted to this agenda
- T10 concerns with the scope of IEC/TC 100 are detailed in
- The JTC 1 TAG Chairman's response to the JTC 1 Secretariat and
Chairman concerning additional information regarding US concerns about
IEC/TC 100 is contained in JT/97-0579.
- The minutes of the January 1998 meeting of the US TAG for IEC/TC 100
are available in JT/98-0008.
- The meeting report of the February 1998 joint meeting of the JTC 1
TAG and the IEC/TC 100 US TAG is detailed in JT/98-0044.
Mr. Jameson reported that the goal of the February meeting was to
arrive at a recommended US position to carry to JTC 1 and TC 100 to
respond to the Committee of Action request, for consideration by the
respective TAGs concerned. The group identified specific areas of
potential overlap and decided that there is a lack of communication.
It was agreed that modification of the domestic PINS process, the use
of joint or colocated meetings, and the strengthening of liaison
relationships would be the key areas of focus for improvement.
Mr. Jameson noted that the July 1998 meeting of the TC 100 TAG will be
held immediately follow the JTC 1 TAG meeting, at the same location,
to facilitate cross participation.
Reference: JT/97-0568, 0579, JT/98-0008, 0044 (minutes of February
joint meeting)
... extract ends.
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