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Date:     04/22/98 04:05:53 AM GMT
Subject:  Re: Request info

> Hi !
> Where I'm download detail description ATAPI protocol for CD-ROM drive ?
> Please send me short reply certainly !
> I'm write driver for my OS and not find info.
     The below ftp site has the complete specs(SFF) for the ATAPI
protocol for CD-ROM drive, guess it should provide you the information you
may need.
     ftp site:  ::: login as anonymous
     ~~~~~~~~                                   ~~~~~~~~~~
     go to directory: pub/standards/SFF/specs
     get file name:  8020r26.pdf  /* This is the latest spec */
Sanjay AG    Product Engineer     CD-ROM server group    Wipro GR&D
Ph: 91-80-2241730   Fax:91-80-2241769

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