About CD-ROM READ(10) Command

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Subject:  About CD-ROM READ(10) Command

  Dear Sir,
                 About CD-ROM READ(10) command

  We are designing CD-ROM drive now.
We have a question about READ(10) command "Transfer Length=0"
in page 137 of "ATA Packet Interface for CD-ROMs SFF-8020i".
  This command has foot notes as "A transfer length of zero
indicates that no logical blocks shall be transferred."
  Could you advice us that which interpretation is right about
this command, (a) or (b) ?

      (a) Even if transfer length=0, seek to Logical Block Address
           and buffering to drive RAM from medium, then finish.

      (b) Because of transfer length=0, NO seek operation, and
           NO buffering from medium, then finish.

  We would appreciate your prompt reply.

  Best Regards,
  Yukihiko Okada.

Yukihiko Okada
Component Project Team
E-Mail : okada.yukihiko at z-prj.kenwood.co.jp

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